Monday, January 26, 2015

Author’s bio.

"Who is Elijah Cainaan"

I was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1975, and moved to America when I was a child. Raised in North Carolina, my mother became a single mom when I was a toddler. When I was growing up, I had a very active imagination. I’d drawn and written several homemade comic books at the age of eleven. I really enjoy creating stories. In high school, I use to draw and write little skits of my favorite cartoon characters, I enjoyed when I was younger; and fitting them into a direction in which I wanted them to go. Whatever I did in life, I always found myself writing, and creating again. In the late 90’s, I started to write poetry. I loved the way the words flows from a fluent speaking poet. It seem there words paint a distinct picture with every syllable conveyed from their lips. Their words became a melody without any instruments. I received awards for my poetry, also did a little spoken word; and to be honest, the audience did love my work. I was commended on a lot of my pieces. In the new millennium, I started to write books; and I want my words to convey a sweet melody to a reader’s mind. To paint a picture in whatever I wanted to write, and intrigue the reader by my creativity. I enjoy making new worlds of mystery, horror, science fiction, and fantasy. I can really push the limits in writing. I love to create. You will see as you read, and enjoy.  “Death By Night” Sci-Fi One of my early works. “Never Think Of Me” One of my new works, very well edited, and creepy.  "COMING SOON IN LATE FEBRUARY"

I love to write, and strive to get better and better.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Books of Elijah Cainaan

Hi friends,

My Name is Elijah Cainaan, and I am an author. I have written a few manuscripts, and now it's time to display them to the world. I have a unique approach in developing ideas to integrate into story lines in which I feel you will enjoy.  I love writing; it is more than a passion of mine; writing became a part of my life. I love to create different and entertaining stories. I have been writing for many years, continuously pushing the limits within my work. My goal is to create a great writing platform. A well develop interpretation of events, drawing readers into the story as if they lived-in my presentation as one of their favorite characters. To become, feel, and experience the character’s emotional dependency, and mental outlook within their difficulties. I know, when you read my work, you will understand what I am explaining to you. I write mostly science fiction, horror, and fantasy; creating worlds to take you out of the everyday hustles and bustles of life.
 “My Thoughts in Reading These Kinds of Genres.”  
I believe they helps your mind to relax and concentrate on things foreign to your consciousness. Creating a blanket of comfort to your brain by easing the burdens that might afflict you.
“Writing These Kinds of Genres.” 
It gives me an opportunity to create. New worlds, new experiences, and new outlook on life itself.
I’d always heard, “There is nothing new under the sun.”
I believe that, but I also believe, not everyone have took the time to actually enjoy what the sun brings.
My goal is to create gateways for the readers can actually enjoy the dimensions within their mind. Your brain has a lot of creativity in there, and I want to help, by my work. You will enjoy everything I’d written. Also, you will enjoy my future works as well. Buy them. Read them. And, most of all; “ENJOY!”
  I have two books coming out in February .

the first one is "Death By Night"(Sci-Fi Novel) (One of my early works... (Projected release date, 2/23/2015

Depth of Night
Two life long friends Dr.Michael J. Jarret & Attorney Greg Pulaski meet in a steakhouse restaurant in New York City, to discuss their plans to go mountain climbing so Dr. Jarret thinks. Only to find out that Greg has an alternative motive for going there. Greg’s compelling argument persuades Dr. Jarret to agree to accompany him. Then they were on their way, only to be never heard from again. Three months later, Rob Thompson and Joseph Ming, two childhood friends and eager newspaper reporters, solved two of New York’s biggest cases, which caused the boss of the Chinese mafia to put a bounty on their heads. After refusing FBI protection on the behalf of their boss Mr. Briggs. They were sent on an assignment out of town to dig up any information on the two native New Yorker’s disappearance while vacationing in Montana. Arriving in Montana without luggage, Rob and Joseph meet and teams up with Monique Waters to assist them. Monique contacts her good friend, Ms. Mitchell, a local private detective who would take on anything that meets her investigative qualities. On their adventure, what they thought, the assignment was going to be a fairly simple task, became more and more complex. After leaving a scene where a little girl was abducted; Misty got a lead that a person witnessed an abduction in Billings, Montana. While trying to find leads, they encountered a unique night stalker unlike either of them has ever seen.

Never Think Of Me  (Glimpse of The dead)  
 (Projected release date, 2/23/2015

Through a heinous and traumatizing childhood, Amy McCail became a psychologist for a mental institution. She encounters a patient who rekindles all of her suppress and painful childhood memories which also connects her with his puzzling case of violence and torture. Mr. Valentine lived in the mental institution for almost all of his life, haunted by the truth of his mother and father’s death. His constant battle within, calms the brutal nights of torture given by his doctor, Dr. Barnes. When Doctor McCail meets Mr. Valentine for the first time, she was compel to know more about him as a person. Unaware of the demons that resides within him…

When they come out, please let blog about them...